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Karl Maier

I help business owners find more opportunities to grow their profits


Are you wondering why we are seeing supply chain disruptions? Surging inflation? And labor shortages everywhere? Wondering how long all the craziness will continue?

Karl Maier shares how the long-term demographic and political-security trends in the world are impacting the global economy and the United States. He explains why these long-term trends are creating the inflation, labor shortages, high interest rates and supply chain mess.

Karl shows attendees how to find their opportunities amid the chaos of the current economy and become a more profitable company.


About Karl

Karl Maier speaks to business owners about how to expand their opportunities, expand their capacity, and expand their profits. He is the author of Surfing Economic Chaos, a book about the causes of the current economic changes and how business managers can find profitable opportunities in this environment.

Karl has over three decades of experience managing and advising small and lower middle-market companies. In his various roles, he has been part of the leadership team in five established companies that have at least doubled sales in two years. Some of the companies were already growing quickly, while others had sales that were stalled before their rapid growth.

Karl has worked in a wide range of roles including management, consulting, systems and processes, sales and business development, finance and accounting, as well as mergers and acquisitions. His prior certifications include accounting, turnaround management, business valuations and securities licenses. Karl received both his MBA and B.A. from Rice University in Houston, Texas.

Karl Maier
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Find Your Opportunities to Prosper in the New Economic Era


Karl's Talks

Leading Through Economic Chaos: Can You Keep Leading in the Same Way as the World is Changing?

The Boomers are retiring, Millennials are in middle management and the workforce is shrinking. What does this mean for how you build and lead your team?

This talk will guide managers to see how the world is shifting and why this will demand a new perspective on building and leading teams going forward.

Attendees will learn why they need to adapt to the new reality of recruiting talent, hiring talent, training talent, motivating talent and retaining talent. Attendees will also learn three ways to improve their leadership skills and make them a better boss. They will also gain an appreciation of how a management system can build these leadership skills throughout their organization on a consistent basis.

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Surfing Economic Chaos: Can America and Your Business Thrive?

With supply chain interruptions, surging inflation, capital costs exploding and labor shortages everywhere, the collapse of the US economy feels imminent. However, the reality is that
America’s economic base is sound.


This talk will help business owners to understand why the US economy is well positioned to perform well in the coming years despite the real challenges facing American businesses.

Attendees will learn about building a strategy to take advantage of the changes in the economy and the tactics to navigate supply chain problems, manage their workforce more effectively, and
get the capital they need. As a result, the company can be a more profitable business even in these chaotic times.

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Customer / Product Profit Improvement

Learn how to increase your profits by 2% to 4% of sales using common sense tools for managing your sales, operations and finance with one approach.

  • Identify your best clients and target similar new clients

  • Fire loss making clients from your sales efforts

  • Find your most profitable products

  • Identify high risk products and clients based on global trends

  • Use sample worksheets to analyze your client and product mix

This workshop is a natural compliment to any Surfing Economic Chaos keynote.

Management Operating System: Reducing Your Stress AND Reach Your Business Goals

Managing a business is becoming more challenging as the American economy puts more pressure on businesses with ongoing labor shortages, higher interest rates and persistent inflation. A management operating system is a suite of proven tools to make life easier for managers in lower middle market companies.


This talk will help business owners to understand why a management operating system can reduce their stress and improve their bottom line through better process and organization.

Attendees will learn two key reason why implementing a management operating system in their business is more important than ever. In addition, they will learn three key steps to start implementing a management operating system right away. As a result, managers can see how everything can fall into place in their business.

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Strategic Opportunity Planning Workshop

With fundamental changes in the U.S. economy, America businesses are facing a more challenging operating reality. This workshop takes participants through a range of tools to help them identify ways to grow their profits.

Attendees will learn to use tools from vision, financial analysis, market positioning, product profitability, business models canvas, organization structure, and process flow.  The workshop will provide the tools for participants to continue their analysis with their team in order to find profitable opportunities in the ongoing economic chaos in the economy.

Other Topics for Workshops

  • Business model canvas to identify ways to capitalize on the changes in the world economy

  • Advanced Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) techniques for monitoring performance

  • Behavioral feedback is a research-backed approach for changing behaviors

  • One-on-one meetings to improve employee motivation and productivity

  • Process analysis to find gaps and overlaps in both processes and responsibilities

  • Business valuations to use as the ultimate performance indicator for your business

  • Limits of authority to make delegation safer and improve employee motivation

  • Structured management meetings to identify and capitalize on challenges and opportunities

  • Break even analysis to find ways to improve profits and reduce business risk

  • Personnel assessment tools to improve employee performance and motivation

Nick Wolk, Vistage CEO Roundtable Member

"Loved your presentation yesterday.”

Rachel McHenry, CPA, iSolved

"Your talk was the most interesting economics presentation I have ever attended!"

Melissa Taylor, NowCFO

"I have been to a bunch of economic presentations recently, but I learned several new things from your presentation.”
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